Migrant Children’s Shelter at SBCCC Community Center


  1. Who is Second Baptist Church?
    The History of Second Baptist Church

  2. Who is VisionQuest?
    About VisionQuest

  3. What is the SBC Community Center facility?
    SBC Community Center

  4. Who will be funding the Migrant Children’s Shelter at the SBC Community Center facility?
    Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR)

  5. Are there recent examples of what a VisionQuest facility will look like?
    VisioinQuest Facility

  6. What is the overview or plan for the Migrant Children’s shelter at SBC Community Center?
    Facility Overview

  7. How long will the migrant children reside in the Migrant Children’s shelter at SBC Community Center? 60-90 days

  8. Will there be long term resident migrant children at the SBC Community Center?
    No. See #4 above

  9. Will any funding or support be provided by ICE?
    No. See #4 above

  10. Are there any migrant children shelters in San Antonio funded and supervised by the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR)?
    Yes. There are “six existing shelters- operated by Catholic Charities, Southwest Key Programs, and Baptist Child and Family Services- (that) house migrant children in San Antonio.” See San Antonio Express-News, Wednesday, October 2, 2019, page 1 and A6.

  11. Should a Church be involved in the organization of detention facilities for migrant children?
    No, at least not this Church.

  12. Why is a Migrant Children’s shelter at the SBC Community Center being called and treated like a Migrant Children’s “Eastside Detention Center”